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"Striving Towards Ultimate Perfection" is the belief upon which Divine 7 Entertainment was founded. Divine 7 Entertainment was birthed in 2000 as a gospel-based entertainment company. RON DANIEL the multi-talented C.E.O., recording artist and promoter of Divine 7 Entertainment operates a independent entertainment company dedicated on spreading good will to all people via information, music and entertainment. Since it's inception, Divine 7 Entertainment helped the movement of gospel rap in a positive light with audio recordings and hosting events. Known for it's commitment to providing sound audio recordings and hosted events, Divine 7 Entertainment have become a leader in the gospel entertainment business by it's continued efforts of bridging the gap between rap and gospel by taking the elements from both genres to make positive sound and influential entertainment.

RON DANIEL has spearheaded some dynamic and exceptional feats as C.E.O. of Divine 7 Entertainment. Divine 7 Entertainment continues to cement its presence by hosting events, such as: Crying In The Wilderness Street Concert Series, Life Line Gospel Rap Music Conference, and H3O Holy Hip Hop Seminar/Workshop Series as well as audio & DVD recordings. These have been some exciting developments in the history of Divine 7 Entertainment. RON DANIEL states, "Gospel inspired rap music is a segment of the music industry that help perfect man into the whole individual God intended for him to be from creation."

With a keen focus on the future and a variety of projects ready to saturate the furthest corner of the earth and the entertainment field, Divine 7 Entertainment continues to prove that there's no end to it's resilience and no limits to it's Holy Spirit inspired vision.


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